Infiltrated Media Productions (aka 'I.M.P') is a start up digital multi-media production label, based out of southern Oregon.
Founded on 02/14/2016 by C.R.Garner (performing as 'Grizz Garner') as a means of not only unifying and utilizing his own digital creations but also as a means of providing undiscovered yet talented multi-media artists a creative hub to develop and scale the gated walls of main-stream entertainment and local culture club.
I.M.P functions like a record and general digital media label, as well as providing professional services for hire, such as hired audio engineering/production, composition, voice-overs, video editing, writing, digital art, or even video game development and design, I.M.P is also happy to provide you with affordable, stand out alternatives to your digital, multi-media needs!

Infiltrated Media Productions' mission is to be an effective vessel for dynamic, talented underground musicians, actors and artists to provide a creative haven, alternative media and entertainment, and to infiltrate the mainstream and break down the gates, giving creative artists the power to excel in their on unique flavors and stand out over the mainstream static. 

First day of launch, expect more! 

Happy birthday to I.M.P! ...well, being that this is it's first day of existence.
As you may have noticed, the site is a little bare, but expect more material in the following days!
Also IMP would like to wish you a happy valentine's day as well!
Stay tuned as we get some meat on our bones and enjoy the new media!

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